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4 Critical Web Design Mistakes That Should Be Avoided at All Costs

4 Critical Web Design Mistakes That Should Be Avoided at All Costs

Intelligent web design is a combination of logic, psychology and artistic virtues to create something that focuses on both form and function. It’s a multidisciplinary field and takes years of experience and feedback to master. Mistakes in this department are fairly common and even big players get the simplest of things wrong from time to time. Here are examples of some of the most critical web design mistakes that should be avoided at all costs:

Messing Up the Navigation Panel or Menu

A common mistake that novice designers make is getting navigation panels or menus of their website wrong. These are the primary sources that people use to get around your webpage, and if they can’t find the right options, they might just leave the page altogether. It should be easy to find the relevant options that users are interested in.

Create a responsive design so that mobile users can also easily access these menus and get around the webpage.

Excessive Content

Another critical error is stuffing too much content on one page. Either adding walls of text on a single page, adding a mixture of photos, videos and text boxes, all of these count as excessive content. It can easily overwhelm the user, especially with the wide variety of content that they have to filter through to find something useful.

An average person can focus on very few objects at a time, so adding more than the necessary amount of content is a wasted effort altogether.

Poor Use of Images

Pictures can often do what words cannot do. They do an excellent job of explaining things very easily and rather than spam the page with text, add images to not only break off the page into sections but limit the amount of words spread around. One mistake related to images is not using them in the right orientation.

Fitting images in landscape orientation rather than portrait clears up space around the sides, giving the image ample space for display.

Lack of a CTA

Your page’s goal is ultimately to make conversions. A call to action is the best tool for that, pushing the user towards a particular page or section where they can eventually learn more and acquire the product or service for themselves. If a user can’t find that CTA, they’re more likely to give up and try some other website.

Having far too many CTAs on the page can also be irritating, as it gives off the impression of nagware.

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